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'whitesmokeahoy' - variations on a theme!

On 7th September 2008, 'whitesmokeahoy' was born. I take this opportunity to reproduce a copy of the first post on that date, which is good for me as it reminds me of the original purpose of this site, and shows me how I may have  wandered off course over the years, although I hope by not too far. 'whitesmokeahoy' was set up in support of the blog-site 'Pro Papa Flagship', which was dedicated to the loyal and prayerful support of the reigning Pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI.

Sunday 7th September 2008
Thoughts from St Alphonsus
'Whitesmokeahoy' is humbly dedicated to the aims of 'Pro Papa Flagship', which site is strongly recommended. In this 'spiritual armada', it seems fitting to arm ourselves with appropriate 'holy' armour. 'Thoughts from St Alphonsus' is a collection of short writings by the Saint, whose work was particularly recommended to the faithful by Pope Pius IXth and Pope Benedict XVth, compiled by the Rev C McNeiry CSSR, and published by Burns, Oates & Washbourne in 1927. I hope to post two extracts from this book, on an occasional basis. In the book each extract is allocated to a particular day of the year, and most are quite short.

"If our confidence in God is great, great too will be our graces. St Bernard writes that the divine mercy is an inexhaustible fountain, and that he who brings to it the largest vessel of confidence, will take from it the largest measure of gifts." (16th February)

"If we are true servants of Mary, and obtain her protection, we most certainly shall be inscribed in the Book of Life." (30th May)

Our Blessed Lady, Star of the Sea - pray for us, and protect our Holy Father from all evil.
The name 'whitesmokeahoy' was originally chosen as particularly relevant for a blogsite whose 'raison d'etre' was to support the Pope. As we know, white smoke rising from the Vatican when cardinals are assembled to choose a new Pope, indicates that a Pope has been chosen and is a time of great excitement and rejoicing.
On a rather less important, more worldly, but nevertheless interesting and enjoyable note, you will find  below, numerous photographs which with a little artistic licence, could collectively be summarised as 'whitesmokeahoy - variations on a theme'.
These photographs were all taken by our son Michael, who is both an enthusiastic railway 'boffin' - not sure that is the right word, but you know what I mean, and an accomplished professional photographer. All the photographs were taken in Cornwall and Devon, in which area Michael lives.
Class 52 Diesel Hydraulic D1015 'Western Champion' at Newton Abbot Station. It may be the colour, but what an impressive locomotive!

 Old GWR rail-motor working the Liskeard to Looe branch line in Cornwall. This locomotive is all-timber construction, and apparently is the last surviving working model.

ex SR class M7 4.4.0 tank engine, painted here in BR black. This image was taken at Buckfastleigh during the South Devon Railway (SDR) Spring Gala this year. It's normally based on the Swanage Preserved Railway and was on loan for the Gala


The same M7 loco running into the shed area at Buckfastleigh

GWR Collett Class 2251 0-6-0 tender loco, seen here at Buckfastleigh departing with a short local working, including milk tanks, bound for Shinners Bridge, near Staverton. The loco is resident on the SDR and is currently painted in late BR green livery.

ex GWR class loco no. 5786, currently painted in London Transport maroon livery, and re-numbered  92 in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the opening of the London Underground. This loco was based at Neasden on the underground system for the latter part of its mainline service, used as an engineers train, and was purchased by the South Devon Railway (SDR) in 1971 for preservation. The above photo taken this year during the SDR Spring Gala, shows it approaching Buckfastleigh. 

Another view of the class M7 tank-engine, waiting to depart Buckfastleigh with the last train of the day - very atmospheric, I can almost smell the smoke and steam!

The SDR resident class 122 'Bubble Car' diesel unit. It's in early BR livery with 'cat's whiskers', the fore-runner of yellow end panels.

(1)   'Double-header diesel, class 675, no 67006 (EWS grey livery) and 67024 (EWS red/gold livery)  at Newton Abbot.   (see further photos below)

                           Pullman carriage 'GWEN'  at Newton Abbot

 Two very important gentlemen!

(2) 'Double-header diesel class 675 no 67024 (EWS red/gold livery) and 67006 ' (EWS grey livery) at Newton Abbot (see photo above and below)

(3)Double-header Diesel 'class 675' no.67024 (EWS red/gold livery) and 67006 (EWS grey livery) at Newton Abbot (see photos above)

GWR 4.6.0 no.5029 Nunney Castle, heading-up (leading locomotive of two conjoined locomotives) SR West Country class no. 34046 'Braunton', at Devonport  (see also below)

GWR 4.6.0 no.5029 Nunney Castle, heading-up SR West Country class no. 34046 'Braunton ', at Tavistock Junction, starting the long climb towards Totnes (see also above)

'First Great Western' class 125 high-speed train departing Totnes

Approaching Totnes - EWS double-header returning from Cornwall - in the rain! Yes, this is the same train as shown in the earlier photographs, but taken the following day! What enthusiasm, and what a great photo!

All the above photographs courtesy of, and copyright of,  'Michael Crowe Photography',   -  many thanks  Michael. Thank you also for the technical details.

                                     And now for something a little different:-

The Vatican 'papal' carriage, built for Pope Pius IX, who promoted the extension of the railway system  throughout the Papal States.  The above railroad-car (circa 1859) was for his personal use on frequent trips through the Papal States. Today, the car remains on exhibition in the Museum of Rome. (ack J Paul Getty Museum)

Finally back on track -
"Perfection consists in conforming ourselves to the will of God in those things which are disagreeable to us.  The Ven Father Avila says, "It is of more use to say once, 'Blessed be God', in any contradiction, than to thank him six thousand times when we are pleased."

ack. 'Thoughts from St Alphonsus' edited by Rev C McNeiry C.SS.R.
 "Mary, Mother of God and Mother of Mercy, pray for
        us and for all the faithful departed, and guide and protect
        our Holy Father, Pope Francis. Amen."

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