Tuesday, 23 October 2012

'YouTube' and the 'Year of Faith' 2012 - 2013

There is a vast amount of  material on YouTube, ranging in quality and content from crass to excellent. In this post I have included six short videos which certainly have impressed me. Three of these videos run in sequence, and relate to the short but remarkable life of a young boy called Garvan Byrne.

These are not necessarily recent video recordings, and you may already have seen some of them; if this is the case then I recommend perhaps a second viewing. For these people and for those viewing for the first time, I hope that you find them as interesting and enjoyable as I do.

http://youtu.be/cZ5aYoSr3Hg     I came across this link on the 'Diocese of Lancaster' blog site, and was impressed and humbled by this simple, courageous act of  Catholic evangelism. Only God knows what graces were bestowed on those at the scene, and those subsequently watching the recorded video. After all, it is 'from such little acorns, that giant oak trees grow'.


http://youtu.be/vRIt8i0OwRo      This link comes from the 'Orbis, Catholicus, Secundus' blog site, and is a damning indictment of the effects of 'same-sex marriage' legislation in Canada which has been on the statute book since 2005. Clearly this misguided and evil legislation has developed ever-lengthening tentacles with which it is choking and strangling our Christian heritage,  corrupting our society, and above all destroying the innocence of our children and young people.


I can honestly say that these are some of the most moving videos that I have ever seen. The short life of Garvan Byrne who died of a rare bone-marrow disease on 16th April 1985, aged 12 years, at Brompton Childrens Hospital, is humbling and inspiring. Garvan radiates a holy simplicity and loving relationship with Jesus which is truly extraordinary - 'of such is the Kingdom of Heaven'.

(Part 1)


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Finally a rousing version of the 'Torreador Song' from Bizet's 'Carmen', sung by members of the Philadelphia Opera Company at the city's famed Reading Terminal Market in January 2011. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and cheer to your heart!


P.S. did you know that ....................

 .....just work that one out!                                                                                     (Ack.'Creative Review' blog)

        'Year of Faith' - October 2012 to November 2013

 Pope Benedict XVI, has declared the above 'Year of Faith' for the Roman Catholic Church worldwide:-

"The mission of the Church, like that of Christ, is essentially to speak of God, to remember his sovereignty, to remind all, especially Christians who have lost their own identity, of the right of God to what belongs to him, that is, our life.

"Precisely in order to give a fresh impetus to the mission of the whole Church to lead human beings out of the wilderness in which they often find themselves, to the place of life, friendship with Christ that gives us life in fullness, I have decided to proclaim a “Year of Faith".........It will be a moment of grace and commitment for an ever fuller conversion to God, to strengthen our faith in him and to proclaim him with joy to the people of our time.

"Dear brothers and sisters, you are among the protagonists of the New Evangelization that the Church has undertaken and carries forth, not without difficulties, but with the same enthusiasm as the first Christians.

"To conclude, I make my own the words of the Apostle Paul that we have heard: 'I give thanks to God always for you all, constantly mentioning you in my prayers, remembering before our God and Father your work of faith and labour of love and steadfastness of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.'

"May the Virgin Mary, who was not afraid to answer “yes” to the Word of the Lord, and, after conceiving in her womb, set out full of joy and hope, always be your model and your guide. Learn from the Mother of the Lord and our Mother to be humble and at the same time courageous, simple and prudent; meek and strong, not with the strength of the world but with the strength of the truth. Amen."

(Extracts from Pope Benedict's address in Rome on 16 October 2011 announcing plans for the 'Year of Faith' starting in October 2012.) 


'Have you begun a good life? Thank the Lord for it; but St Bernard warns you that to him who begins, a reward is only promised, but it is given to him alone who perseveres. It is not enough to run for the prize: you must run till you win it.'

(Thoughts from St Alphonsus de Liguori)