Saturday, 15 June 2019

'The Children of God for Life' - unique weapon in the pro-life armoury!

     Saints Cosmas and Damian - Patron Saints of  Pharmacists          and Physicians.  (Source:- Bibliotheque nationale de France)


Some eight years ago there was considerable public outcry about an American  company,  Senomyx, who were processing  fetal cell line products in the manufacture of artificial tasting  processes ,  which were then being utilised by major food production companies such as Nestles , Cadburys,  Kraft, and others in their own manufacturing processes.  As a result of the worldwide adverse publicity, most if not all of these companies have ceased this business with Senomyx , although regrettably some pharmaceutical companies were, and still are, prepared to allow fetal cell line processes to be used in the manufacture of their products. I recently had cause to visit the website of  'Children of  God for Life, which is a unique pro-life Christian organisation founded specifically to  review  the ethical procedures in the manufacturing processes and products of the food,  pharmaceutical  and drug industry, in particular identifying those companies and their products in which fetal cell line processes have been used. Their records have been updated within the past few months, and as well as publicising  those companies and products utilising fetal cell processes ,  they  admirably  show  alternative products which are  morally and ethically acceptable.

The Children of God for Life’ is not to be confused with the religious cult organisation ‘The Children of God.’ The former has been in existence for  many  years, and is a highly professional and respected Christian organisation whose sole purpose is to identify those   companies  utilising fetal cells from aborted babies in the manufacture of their products, and to publicise their findings. ‘The Children of God for Life’ has the support of the Catholic Church and other Christian denominations, and all who support the pro-life agenda.  The religious cult ‘The Children of God’, has a nefarious history, to say the least, and has absolutely no connection in any way with ‘The Children of God for Life’. It is important to be aware of this, for if you Google ‘The Children of God for Life’, both this and the cult organisation come up on the same page, which can be confusing.

Whilst the companies listed by ‘The Children of God for Life’ are based in Canada and the USA, the manufactured products are found world-wide. The latest lists are available on the website of ‘The Children of God for Life’ and I attach the links below. There is no doubt that this pro-life work is of the highest importance. In the years that this organisation has been in existence, there have been major successes in the battle against the use of fetal cells in certain manufacturing   processes. The company  deserves  as much support as possible, the stakes are high, and the adversaries  powerful , wealthy, and diabolically orientated. To all intents and purposes it is a classic David v Goliath scenario, except of course that Almighty God is in David’s corner.

 There are three links below:-                                                                               

  1.     -       ‘Children of God for Life’ website – home.   

   2..     -         USA  and Canada,  aborted  fetal cell line products and ethical alternatives (Feb. 2019)

   3.  -       USA aborted fetal products – updated December 2018

I strongly recommend your support for this company. When you visit their website you will find much that is informative, interesting, and spiritually encouraging. Thank you ‘Children of God for Life’ for all your work for the Christian pro-life cause.  May God bless you all.   


'One of the most effective means of having our faults forgiven by the Lord God, is the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass'    

Saint Padre Pio.