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'Transgenderism' - the Devil's deceit?

I have a copy of ‘The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Current English’, 5th edition, published by the Oxford University Press in 1964, and the word ‘transgenderism’ is not shown.

However, according to Google, the current Oxford Dictionary defines 'transgenderism' as ‘a state or condition in which a person's identity does not conform unambiguously to conventional ideas of male or female gender.

For me, the inference from the disparity shown above, is that fifty-three years ago this word did not exist, and that ‘the state or condition’ as defined in today’s definition, probably did not exist either.
Acknowledgement to the ‘Dowry – FSSP periodical.

The article below appeared in the Dowry, a Catholic periodical produced by the FSSP in Britain and Ireland. (No 34, Summer 2017)

‘Gender and the sexualisation of children’, by Gabriele Kuby.

'Dowry’ thanks Mrs Kuby for allowing us to reproduce her address given last year to the World Family Congress in Tbilisi, Georgia. Gabriele Kuby courageously exposes the schemes of the gender ideologists. Not one for conspiracy theories, Mrs Kuby writes without bias, simply providing verifiable facts. She spoke in England last year to the SPUC national conference, and this year to over 50 clergy at the Thornycroft Centre, South of Manchester, as well as for the clergy, laity and educationalists of the Shrewsbury Diocese on behalf of Bishop Mark Davies. Her book ‘The Global Sexual Revolution’ (German Edition), was praised by Pope Benedict XVI: “Mrs. Kuby is a brave warrior against ideologies that ultimately result in the destruction of man.”

(Our more sensitive readers should be warned that that this article deals with a few pieces of disturbing evidence.)


‘Dear friends of the family! I come from Bavaria in the South of Germany. Traditional Bavarian culture, as all traditional cultures, emphasize what it is to be a man or a woman by dress, customs, mores and rites. Thus culture helps the person to take hold of our most basic natural identity: to be a man or woman. There is nothing in between. We live in a time where the autonomous individual has usurped the place of the Creator. Man wants to “choose” whether to be a man or a woman. And he want to be free from any moral limitations in the way he satisfies his sexual urge: free from the consequence of procreation, free from the commitment of marriage, free in the choice of the sex-partners, be it a man, a woman or both, even free to have sex with blood-relatives. Not to accept any biological or moral limitations is considered as “freedom”, yet in reality it leads into sexual slavery, the breakdown of the family, social chaos, the degeneration of society and a new totalitarianism. 

The name of this historically unique ideology is genderism. At the core is a new concept of man, radically opposed to the Judeo-Christian one, as revealed in the Bible: “And God created man to his own image: to the image of God he created him: male and female he created them” (Gen 1, 27). This is the highest possible image of man and it is at the root of the magnificent European culture with its unparalleled contributions to humanity. 
To mould man into a new kind of human being contrary to his nature, to his conscience and to his thirst for love is no small task. Yet the cultural revolutionists of our time are all out for just this. They sit in the headquarters of the United Nations, the European Union, global NGOs, foundations, global corporations, media and entertainment industry. Together they form a net in which traditional values and social structures, which have stood the test of time, are caught like flies in a spider’s web, wrapped up and paralyzed in sticky temptations like “choice” and “human rights”.

The task is best achieved by targeting the very young, when the human being is most malleable and most in need of loving care and protection by his parents. Sexualize children and youth, and you will certainly achieve a “sustainable development goal”: the creation of a new human being that is unable to form a family. 

To destroy the family has been part of Marxist utopia from the beginning and it was the goal of the student rebellion which swept through Western culture at the end of the 1960s. Three social movements united to bring down the “bourgeois society”:- Communist revolutionary agitation; radical feminism; and sexual liberation
Although a wall cut through the middle of Berlin, and Soviet tanks rolled into Prague in 1968 to extinguish the upheaval of the people against Communist dictatorship, Western students adopted Communist ideology! 
Simultaneously, the 150-year-old necessary struggle of women for equal rights was seized by radical, mostly lesbian, feminists and turned into a war against men, against marriage, against motherhood and fatherhood, against unborn children. The battle cry of Simone de Beauvoir, key figure of radical feminism, was put into practice: Get out of the slavery of motherhood!” 
The third attack on the Christian- value foundation of society was “sexual liberation”. Sex with several men and women, sex in front of children, sex with children, sex between children, was propagated and practiced – with benevolent media attention. 

The poisonous temptation, formulated by philosophers of the Frankfurt School was: if you “liberate” your sexuality – that is, tear down all moral restrictions – you can build a society free of repression; simplified by the hippie movement into the slogan: “Make love, not war”. Fifty years later we have a hyper-sexualized society, the demographic crisis, more wars than ever, and a new totalitarianism looming on the horizon. The goals of 1968 movement are now the agenda of the UN and EU.

In 1990 Judith Butler published the book: ‘Gender Trouble and the Subversion of Identity’. Radical feminism and the homosexual movement united and gave birth to gender ideology. The political program is in the title: the subversion of identity of man and woman. 
Butler claims that there are no two sexes; there are many genders. Heterosexuality is a “phantasm” forced on man by society. 
Human identity is not defined by being a man or a woman, but by sexual orientation, be it lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or transsexual (LGBT). Biology is irrelevant! 
The universal incest-taboo should be abrogated. 
Any kind of moral restriction is discrimination, which should be prosecuted by law. 

Judith Butler has a personal interest in this agenda, because she is a professed lesbian. She is professor of philosophy at the University of California, the Columbia University, the European Graduate School in Switzerland; she is a member of the Rockefeller and Guggenheim foundation and honoured with the highest awards. One can only conclude: apparently, the subversion of identity is the agenda of the people in power in the Western world. 

Who would have expected that this crazy, delusional theory quickly entered university through a new topic called “gender studies”? 
In Germany we have 200 professors, nearly all women, who teach the next academic generation, that there is no binary structure of man and woman, but “gender-fluidity” and that “gender identity” is not defined by biology but by “each person’s deeply felt internal and individual experience of gender, which may or may not correspond with the sex assigned at birth.” (Yogyakarta Principles), and who would have thought that this new theory of man would rapidly enter international and national law through the door of “human rights” and “anti-discrimination" laws?

Gender-theory is false, unscientific, detached from reality and full of contradictions. 
The body and brain of man and women are different, as we see with the naked eye and as fascinating brain-research proves. The complementary differences qualify for motherhood and fatherhood.  Heterosexuality is the condition of human existence, of marriage and family, homosexuality is not. 
Homosexuality creates division between the sexes and the generations and thus destabilizes society. 
Same-sex people cannot unite and procreate and therefore cannot form a marriage. Besides, only around two percent of the people with same sex attraction make use of the new legal institution – according to figures from Germany. 
If the binary structure of human existence is to be deconstructed, why fight for ever more rights for women? 
If gender identity is a matter of choice and feeling, why are people who change from homosexuality back to heterosexuality persecuted by the LGBT lobby? 
Why do anti-discrimination laws only work in favour of LGBT-rights and do not protect the rights of Christians or – for that matter – the rights of Christian refugees? 
Why do political institutions use their power in favour of minorities at the expense of the rights of the majority – that is, people who live in marriage and family? 

The answer to these obvious contradictions is that the European Union, the ruling powers of the United Nations and their global networks are establishing a system of global governance which needs uprooted masses without identity, an identity hitherto built on religion, nation and family. The most effective method to do this is the sexualization of children, because of its irreversible effects.

Western obligatory sexual education promotes a purely hedonistic approach to sexuality, without any moral restrictions. The premise of sexual education is the unscientific assumption, that the child is a sexual being with sexual desire from birth, and that children need to be instructed by parents and teachers how to use their little body for the arousal of lust. 
The human right of parents to educate their children according to their own values – as guaranteed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Art. 26,3) is more and more repealed. The sexualization of children, beginning in kindergarten and forced on children through obligatory school curricula, is on the agenda of international organizations, such as the UN, UNICEF, the WHO, the EU; of national governments; of the International Planned Parenthood Federation and of countless powerful international and national organizations and foundations. 

One example is the 'Standards of Sexuality Education in Europe’, published by The World Health Organization (WHO) together with a German state institution (BZgA). This is the content of Western sexual education programs for children: 
Masturbation, beginning in the age group 0 to 4. 
Acquaintance with different sexual orientations and different types of family, beginning in kindergarten. 
Children’s  books where the prince marries the prince.
Dissolution of gender-stereotypes by giving boys beauty-cases and princess-gowns, and girls boxing gloves and tractors to play with. Encouragement of sex play in kindergarten, providing children with private corners.
Preparation for “the first time” through obligatory sex education in school. 
Teaching children how to use condoms.
Teaching children about “erotic zones” of the body and sexual techniques like anal and oral sex.

The consequences of the sexualisation of children are grave: · Destruction of the sense of shame. 
No ability to control the sexual drive.
High risk of Sexual Transmitted Diseases. 
Painful disappointments in love relationships. 
High risk of psychological disturbances.
Encouragement of homosexual or trans-sexual lifestyle.
Low achievement.
Loss of trustful relationship with parents. 
Inability to bond and build a family. 
There will be no end to the sexual revolution sweeping the earth.

The next wave started to roll: Transgenderism
Transgenderism is still recognized as a psychological disorder on the diagnosis list of the World Health Organization (ICD-10). 
The new wave was initiated by President Obama, proclaiming to the world that the White House opened its first “gender-neutral rest-room”. 
Since the legalization of same-sex marriage by the Supreme Court of the United States in June 2015, this wave is gaining momentum. Transgender-days in schools, giving children the “choice” whether they want to be a boy or a girl. 
Treating prepubescent children with hormones if they show signs of “gender dysphoria”. 
Now the leading nation of the world is debating the toilet issue: should a biological man who feels like a woman be allowed to use the rest-room of girls? 

It seems laughable, but it is dead serious. 
Transgender activist Ricki Wilchins, writes: “We’ll win the bathroom battle when the binary burns.” 

The ultimate aim of the LGBT-movement is to destroy the concepts of male and female entirely. 

What Judith Butler proclaimed in philosophical terms, is changing the basic fabric of human existence. 
Because gender-theory is grounded on lies, it must become totalitarian, and it is becoming totalitarian
Basic human rights, derived from the Christian concept of the inviolable dignity of man, are hollowed out: freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of business, freedom of parents to educate their own children. 
The enemies of life and the family are strong, but reason, nature and God are stronger. Let us rise. Let us resist.’ □

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