Sunday, 17 September 2017

The faith and courage of an abortion survivor.

I have just watched a 'youtube' video of a brave and Christian young woman, Gianna Jessen, testifying to the United States House Judiciary Committee on her experience as an abortion survivor after her mother attended a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic to have her aborted. Her testimony is factual and unequivocal, and I don't mind admitting brought tears to my eyes. Her forgiveness of her young mother is sincere and from her heart.
Gianna's testimony deserves to be heard, indeed deserves to be shouted from the housetops, so that the inhumanity and horror of abortion is seen to be what it is, and that one day, sooner rather than later, this evil will be recognized and condemned by all nations.
Let us pray to God, the Creator of all life, the Creator of the universe, for forgiveness for this terrible sin against His Omnipotence and against our own kind, and do what we can, each in his/her own way, to work towards the end of legalized abortion world-wide. 
Our Lady of Fatima exhorted penance and prayer, particularly the Rosary, as pleasing to her Divine Son.
The link to the video is immediately below. Please watch it, I challenge you not to be deeply moved, as I certainly was.


"Let us be persuaded that the Lord does not demand from us great things, but only that we present to Him the little we do with a pure intention."   (Sept. 18)

ack. 'Thoughts from St Alphonsus - for every day in the year' - compiled by Rev. C. McNeiry C.SS.R.