Thursday, 25 July 2013

'God's love, reflected in life' - ack.YouTube

A short and rather moving video of the love of a daughter for her dying father:-


'Pro Infirmis' conducts an experiment. There are only a few people who don`t have empathy with disabled people, nevertheless, the passenger seat in the public bus next to Fabian often stays empty....


Flash dance in a snowy Moscow, February 2012 - to the music of Irving Berlin! This will get you tapping your feet - just to keep warm!


Finally, the choir of Westminster Cathedral singing the 'Gloria' from 'Messe de Minuit pour Noel' by Marc-Antoine Charpentier. Surely the finest Cathedral Choir in the world, performing to the glory of God, in the magnificent Byzantine Cathedral of Westminster.


'By attention to the mortification of self-love we shall become Saints in a short time. When you are contradicted, give up your opinion with cheerfulness, unless the glory of God require that you maintain it.  If you receive a letter, restrain your curiosity, and abstain from opening it for some time.  A thousand acts of this kind may be performed every day.'

'Thoughts from St Alphonsus' by Rev C Mc Neiry C.SS.R

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