Sunday, 7 December 2008

'Time is a Treasure Found only in this Life' (St Alphonsus)

Peace and greetings to all in the Pro Papa League.

"Son, says the Holy Ghost, be careful to preserve time, which is the greatest and most precious gift that God can bestow upon you in this life. Time is a treasure which is found only in this life, it is not found in the next, either in hell or in Heaven. In hell the damned exclaim with tears, 'Oh that an hour was given to us!'. They would pay any price for an hour of time, in which they might repair their ruin; but this hour they will never have. In Heaven there is no weeping; but were the Saints capable of weeping, all their tears would arise from the thought of having lost the time in which they could have acquired greater glory, and from the conviction that this time will never again be given to them. You will see some who spend nights and days in play or recreation. If you ask them what they are doing, they will answer: 'We are passing the time'. Poor souls who lose so many days; but days which will never return." (St Alphonsus C.SS.R)

These words are taken from the Martyrology or Calendar of Days published annually by The Desert Will Flower Press, Sons of the Most Divine Redeemer (F.SS.R), Golgotha Monastery, Papa Stronsay, Orkney.
St Alphonsus took a solemn vow never to waste a moment of time.
St Alphonsus pray for us all, especially our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVIth
Our Lady Queen of Heaven, protect and guide our Holy Father.

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Confiteor said...

We should consider that our Lord Jesus Christ gave all of his time to the work of our salvation. Can anyone imagine our Lord wasting his time? We should repay our time back to him. Consider the implication of all those Eucharistic lay ministers who crowd the altar during the New Mass, so as to speed up the Communion rite, thus allowing us to get on with our busy day, football games, shopping, etc. What an awful ingratitude.