Thursday, 16 February 2012

My three books - meme from 'Mulier Fortis' via 'A Catholic Comes Home'

I have been tagged by Sandy, 'A Catholic Comes Home', in connection with a meme from 'Mulier Fortis', which has appeared on other sites over the past few days.
The subject of the meme is to suggest three books for Mac's newly acquired Kindle, after which we are asked  to tag five other bloggers for them to do the same.

Three books which I would certainly like on my Kindle, if I had one, are:-

'The Caged Lion'   by  William Manchester - being the 2nd instalment of a trilogy on the life of Winston Churchill covering the years 1932-1940

'Henry Garnet (1555-1606) and the Gunpowder Plot'  by  Philip Caraman -  (strongly recommend any book by this author dealing with the persecution of Catholics in England during Elizabethan times)

'Pope Pius XI and World Peace'  by  Lord Clonmore  -  a magnificent biography of a Pope whose pontificate encompassed the menacing growth of Communism and Fascism, in a world riven by economic crises and growing materialism,  with savage anti-Catholic persecution in Mexico and Spain.

Rules are as follows:-
Post rules on Blog.
Tag five bloggers,and tell them they have been tagged on their blog.
No Ref.books,or prayer books.
Link back to the person who tagged you.

I have tagged three bloggers (sorry, not five) :-

'Roman Christendom'

'These Anointed Ruins'

'Gregorian Chant in Orkney'


David said...

Hi Brian,

Thanks for tagging me for the meme. I'm a bit busy today, but will try to respond later. Hope all is well with you and your family.

God bless,

umblepie said...

Thanks very much David. Do not worry about this if unable to fit it in, I absolutely understand. Best wishes, Brian.

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