Friday, 26 March 2010

God Bless our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI

Today, the ‘Times Online’ website published an article by Archbishop Vincent Nicholls of Westminster dealing with the clergy/child abuse scandal currently rocking the Church.  The Archbishop was unequivocal in his condemnation of those clergy responsible, but also made the point that in England and Wales over a period of 40 years the number of alleged cases involved a total of 0.4 per cent of the clergy, that is 4 out of every 1000, which conversely  means that 996 out of every 1000 priests were  not involved. Of course as the Archbishop also stated, just one case would be one case too many, but reading the often vitriolic headlines in the Press and on-line, it is clear that these unfortunate events have presented the opportunity for an orchestrated and deliberate verbal and written attack on the Catholic Church in general, and on the person of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI in particular.

The media, particularly the BBC and I would suggest the Times and probably other liberal newspapers, have had a great time publishing fiction and innuendo as fact. The published comments online immediately following Archbishop Nicholls article, are generally vitriolic towards the Catholic Church and the Pope, most are prejudiced and ignorant of the facts, and many unreasoning and unreasonable. Interestingly, I endeavoured twice to post a comment to redress the injustice and calumnies inherent in 90% of the Comments, but neither was published. It would seem that the Times Online had an agenda in both printing Archbishop Nicholls article, and then throwing it to the wolves to tear to pieces with the weapons of hatred, prejudice and ignorance, without allowing alternative opinions. 
This experience has revealed the hypocrisy prevalent in those powerful and vested interests in control of so much of our media. I wonder why the criticism  aimed at our Church and our Pope, is not aimed at our legislation and lawmakers, who with the legalisation of abortion 40 or so years ago, have directly caused the death of some 7 million  babies in the UK,  murdered in their mother’s womb - surely the most wicked and ultimate abuse.  
What about the widespread pornography and so-called 'soft porn' displayed on virtually every bookstall, often in apparently 'respectable' magazines and even newspapers, this is abuse of the minds and the souls of the young and not so young, and the same applies to various internet sites. Why does the media not attack this?  Is it that certain publishing houses and web-sites owned by media moguls or companies, have a vested interest in promoting such matter. 
What about the new Education and Families Act currently awaiting consideration by the House of Lords, which if approved  will enforce  sex-education in schools to children as young as five years old, and will includes  promotion of contraception and abortion, and  the physical aspect of homosexuality. Thus is planned the deliberate destruction of innocence, a truly evil abuse promoted by the State on a nationwide scale. 

We are all weak, we are all sinners, and we all make mistakes, but we thank God for our Church and for our Holy Father, who we love and trust.
God bless Pope Benedict XVI, and may our Blessed Lady and all the angels and saints, protect and guide him at all times.


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umblepie said...

To the sender of the above comment,I am not clear what you mean. If it is complimentary and relevant to the post - thank you, if it is not - thank you anyway for reading the post.

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